Accommodation for Interns

For people who are coming to undertake internships with us there are a there are two main places we use to put people in if we arrange your accommodation, however you do also have to option to arrange your own accommodation 

CJ's Guesthouse "The Tree House"

This is the closest of the three to the dive school and is less than 5mins walk away. Here you will have your own room with fan, TV, fridge and shared bathroom facilities and there is also a balcony which overlooks the street. Below is a convenience store where you can get almost anything from a curry to a mo-ped!

P'Deang's Guesthouse

P'Deang's is about 10mins walk away from the dive school and here again you will have your own bedroom with fan, you will have a shared living room with cable TV, shared bathroom and kitchen with 2 -3 other people..



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