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Our Freediving package includes;

  • PADI Freediver course (2 days)
  • Free collection from the pier
  • Use of all equipment
  • PADI materials and certification
  • Lunch both days and 2 nights accommodation

 Price: 6500 thb'

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Freediving course pre requisites:

  • At least 18 years old (16 with parental consent)
  • Be able to swim 200 metres without stopping and 300 metres snorkelling non stop
  • Physically in good health

The PADI Freediver course takes place over 2 days and consists of 3 parts, - theory and academics, confined pool session, and open water dives. This freediver certification allows students to reach a depth of 16 metres.

Theory and Academics

We start in the morning with 2 theory sessions. You will get to learn about equalisation, safety and freediving equipment. Once this is finished we will look at breathing methods for freediving. This includes how to breath before a dive, after a dive and also important techniques for relaxation. 

Freediving Confined Session

You are now ready to put the theory into practice in our training pool

The first thing to try will be static apnea, submerging your face and holding your breath but not moving anywhere. Once you get comfortable with this the next step is to go for a maximum breath hold. You will be in a completely safe environment to attempt this, being supervised by our freediving instructor so there is nothing to worry about.

We will then teach you the correct finning technique for freediving and start some dynamic apnea. After completing underwater lengths of the pool your freediving technique will start looking great in no time at all! Finally we look at rescue techniques for the pool, which will mean you can practice safely with a buddy in your own time. 

Freediving Open Water Sessions

After completing the confined session you will be ready to put your freediving skills into practice in the ocean! 

There will be a bit of theory to finish and some videos to watch, then we head out to the ocean 3 times for some depth diving. 

We're going to show you the most stylish way to dive below the surface and as you get more comfortable we can start to increase the depth of your dives. The equipment we use includes a professional freediving buoy and rope so you will be able to push your limits in a safe environment.

The first style of diving you will try is called Free Immersion. This is where you use the rope to pull yourself down and back up to the surface. This freediving techniquie will help you get used to the water pressure and make sure the equalisation techniques taught in the theory are working ok. 

Next we try Constant Weight diving. This technique requires you to use your fins to dive down and back up again.

We finish off practising rescue techniques. These are used by professional freedivers in competitions. These are really useful to know and also helps build confidence for your dives.


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