DJL's Annual Divemaster Competition

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Your chance to win your Divemaster Internship courses for FREE!!

Each year at DJL we offer you the chance to win back the costs of your courses when you take either a Divemaster Internship or Divemaster course with us in our annual prize draw.

To qualify for the competition and have a chance of winning you all you need to do is come and start your Internship or Divemaster course between the 1st July and the 30th August and you must also have paid up your balance by the close of business (6pm) on the 30th August, it's that simple.

Natasha Field is our 2018 competition winner, collecting a grand total of 30,000 thb. Here is Natasha with DJL manager Phil, being presented with a small portion of her winnings so  she could go out and celebrate that evening.

free divemaster competition djl diving koh tao thailand winner natasha field Copy 2


The 2017 winner was Debbie Silverman from Houston, Texas who walked away with a cool 30,000 thb which paid for the cost of her divemaster course. Debbie nearly missed the prize draw, however a quick phone call made sure she got to the DJL bar to collect her winnings straight away. Here's Debbie with our 2nd and 3rd place winners for 2017, Ray Tang and Teresa Upschulte who won 6,300 thb and 4,500 thb.


free divemaster competition winners davy jones locker diving koh tao


The lucky winner of the 2016 Divemaster competition was Sam Butler who booked an EFR/Rescue Diver course with Davy Jones Locker and won a total of 43,500 thb. Sam had already left Koh Tao before the prize draw had taken place and is currently in India backpacking. However he celebrated the good news at his hostel when we contacted him to let him know he had won first prize, so that's probably extended his trip in India by quite some time!!!

Davy Jones Locker Divemaster Sam celebrating winning the 2016 Divemaster Competition


I192Sam finding out hed won the Divemaster competition whilst backpacking through India


The runnners up in the 2016 Divemaster competition were Steven Byrnes in 2nd place (on the right) and William Carter. Steven booked an EFR/Rescue diver course and Divemaster course winning 6,525 thb. William had booked an Open Water to Divemaster package and won 9,450 thb.


I193Steven Byrnes and William Carter 2nd and 3rd prize in the DJL diving free divemaster competition Copy


On the left in this photo we have Manuel the 2015 Divemaster competition winner who is our first Argentinian competition winner, he is accompanied celebrating his win with the runners up in the Divemaster competition, Leo in the middle and Brad on the right who is now a Videographer working here on Koh Tao (he's just practicing his Blue Steel look in this snap).

 I194Manuel Leo Brad 2015 DM competition winners


Guy Corsellis half of our award winning Platinum Course Director team here at DJL presenting Brad with his runners up prize from the Divemaster competition and he is once again practicing one of his now famous poses (this one's called the Happy Puppy).





I196Stephen Morris the 2014 Divemaster competition winner

On the left we have our head Instructor Pete Galea presenting the 2014 Divemaster competition winner Stephen Morris(on the right in this picture) part of his prize. Stephen won the big one as he had come over to take a full Divemaster Internship package and so walked off with the grand prize of 55,000 baht.

Everyone likes to win prizes but Stephen couldn't believe his luck at taking out the top prize as he was coming towards the end of his Divemaster Internship and was running short on funds and had only two days before the draw been telling us how he was going to try and get everything finished up on his course as soon as possible so he could start looking for work as a Divemaster on Koh Tao to support himself to stay here for longer than originally planned.

With the windfall there was also a slight adjustment in Stephen's plans and he then proceeded to take about 2 months to complete his courses due to the extended celebrations he undertook after winning! This was one of the main reasons why on the day of the draw we did only give Stephen 5,000 baht of the 55,000 baht prize he'd won as we didn't think it would be wise to hand over 55,000 baht to a young Scotsman with a fondness of Leo beer in the dive school bar!!




 Here we have Connor McCrostie and Dominik Peters who where the Divemaster competition runners up in 2014. Dominik had only arrived the previous day to Koh Tao and so just sneaked into the competition on the last possible day and so hadn't even met most of the other Divemaster Trainees when he picked up some instant payback on his investment on the Divemaster Internship package.


I197Kiwi Connor McCrostie Dominik Peters from Germany were 2014s runners up


Pictured to the left is John Watson(on the left in the picture) who was the winner of the 2013 Divemaster Competition and he's pictured with Dive School owner Timothy Lawrence (centre) and Head Instructor and one of the team that looks after our Divemaster Trainees Chris Smith (right). John Can't believe that Tim & Smithy are actually handing over cash! John was already qualified as an Advanced Open Water diver when he arrived here and so he wasn't taking as many courses as a full Internship package but he still won back 36,250 baht in course costs and John was of course very happy to win this years top prize.


I198Divemaster Competition 2014 Winner John Watson


On the left we have Greg Tomlinson (left) who was one of the runners up in the Divemaster competition and won back 15% of his Divemaster course cost and then Greg also went on to complete his Instructor course here with us.


I1910Divemaster Competition 2014 runner up Tamas Katzer


In the centre of the picture to the left we have the 2012 Divemaster competition winner Nathan Wesching who won back the 25,000 baht cost of his Divemaster course as he was already a Rescue Diver when he came here. Then to the left we have Joe Robson who was a runner up and won back 15% of his course costs from his Divemaster Internship and on the right of Nathan we have our other runner up Joelle Eversdijk who also won back 15% of her Divemaster course cost and then went on to take her Instructor course here with us and then work as an Instructor here at DJL. You may also be wondering just why Nathan is dressed as he is in the photo, and no it's not a an adult diper he's wearing (well it could be..), the reason was it was also Nathan's snorkel test at the end of his Divemaster course and so he was in fancy dress.


I1911Divemaster Competition 2012 winner and runers up


Brian Bowers Divemaster Competition winner 2011Brian(pictured left) here was the winner of the top prize winner in 2011 which was the first year that we ran the Divemaster competition and as he'd started his Divemaster Internship at Advanced Open Water level he won back a total prize value of 46,000 baht as you can see further details of by clicking here. Brian was the winner of the biggest prize we had given away and until Stephen Morris took out the big prize when he won in 2014 after signing up for the Zero to Hero package of Open Water through to Divemaster.


I1912brian winner of 2011s divemaster competition


The more courses you need to take to become a Divemaster means the prize you could win gets bigger !! If you have any questions about the competition or would like to sign up for your Divemaster course/Internship then please contact us through the contact form below.


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