Technical Diving Team Koh Tao Thailand

T1atech boat diving RIB

At DJL Tech we have two tech boats, a high speed RIB and hard boat to reach the best technical dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand, we also organize regular tech trips on live-aboards into the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea and cave trips on the mainland. We can offer a full variety of tech courses open to nearly everyone from Advanced open water divers wishing to explorer further, deeper and longer! We can start courses to fit your schedules.

T1bgoing diving on the RIB

Tim Lawrence the owner of DJL is a Technical Dive Instructor & keen Tech and Wreck diver. Tim pretty much gave up recreational diving about 10 years ago after teaching recreational diving for around 20 years as Tim says "there are only so may Open Water courses you can teach". These days Tim really gets his kicks out of going on wreck exploration trips searching for long lost vessels as he has a keen interest in maritime history especially in military marine history and researching the details of how vessels came to their final resting places.



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