Accommodation With DJL Diving

Here at DJL, we know that everyone has different requirements and style when it comes to accommodation. When you come to dive with us we have a few different options available.

Opposite the dive shop in Mae Haad, we offer comfortable, clean, air-conditioner rooms available at affordable prices for weekly or daily rents. Double beds are available for a subsidiary price of 600 THB per day for students when completing any recreational courses, for the course duration and 800 THB extra nights.

Bathroom inside private room.          Entry way to hotel room.           Bedroom and private bathroom.

Or if you want to meet more people, we have FREE beds for all diving activities in our modern clean air-conditioner dormitory for the duration of any diving activity. All beds have personal lights and plug sockets, also free wi-fi is available, cost for non-divers 350 thb per night these FREE offers helps us to help you to have more money for diving!