Divemaster Internship Scheduled start dates for Koh Tao Thailand

Why is there a Divemaster Internship schedule at DJL Koh Tao?
We mainly use this schedule to try and get people signing up for the Divemaster Internship packages to arrive away from when the island can be very busy around when the Full Moon Parties are on over on the neighbouring island of Koh Phangan. This is to ensure that when you arrive you won’t feel like you are just another person on a course with other people who may just be here on Koh Tao for a couple of days that is taking the Open Water course whilst they’re here just to tick off an activity on their around the world bucket list, like many people do with bungy jumping in Queenstown New Zealand. Instead we want to ensure that you get to feel settled in and relaxed and get to know the Instructors and our Course Directors who you will be involved with during your training through to becoming a Divemaster with us here at DJL.

Generally when most people arrive they are keen to get started as soon as they can and we understand that as you’ve probably been waiting for a while since deciding to do your Divemaster Internship with us and actually getting to Koh Tao, but don’t worry we’ll get you started as soon as you want to.

What if I’m arriving away from a schedule Divemaster Internship start date?
If your travel plans don’t fit in with the scheduled dates above then don’t worry we are flexible with these dates that’s not a problem and we can start your training whenever you like, as we say we do mainly use this schedule to try and encourage people to arrive away from the very busy times here on the island, but also if people arrive in line with the scheduled start dates then there is more chance of you starting your Internship at the same time as other people who could end up being dive buddies for life like many of our previous Divemaster students over the years.

It’s great to see posts pop up on social media from people who have gone through their Divemaster and Instructor training with us who have met up somewhere in the world with the friends they made whilst here on Koh Tao taking the Divemaster course with us to go diving again together in a new place.

Remember to let us know in advance which ferry it is that you are going to be arriving here with as then we can collect you from the pier when you arrive here, you can book that in through 12Go.asia and then just let us know the details.