Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver Divemaster Add On Package

Poseidon Discovery Cis-Lunar MKVI CCR

New technology in closed circuit rebreather (CCR) diving is changing how people are diving, allowing people to dive for longer and the advances have made this bubble free diving open to everyone from Open Water level.

These CCR's are taking off in dive centers around the world, meaning that you can rent and use these units practically anywhere. So why not upgrade your divemaster internship and become one of the worlds first CCR Rebreather Divemasters. This course will train you to be able to help with equipment setup, buddy checks and emergency procedures on the latest scuba technology.

We will train you to be one of the first CCR Divemasters in world, so you can lead the many new divers qualifying on these units. If you are looking to break into the scuba industry this will be a certification that will set you aside from the average Divemaster on your CV.

The course involves 3 days of training on the Poseidon Discovery MKVI eCCR, you will learn how to use the unit in the swimming pool and then have 3 dives in the ocean working through emergency procedures and diving with other ccr divers.

Become one of the world first cutting edge divemasters and lead the way in new scuba technology.

Course length is just 3 days

All certifications and materials are included in the course price.

The cost of this add on is just 25,000 baht, so upgrade your Divemaster package now and get 1 step ahead.

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