M.S.D.T. Internship Only

Master Scuba Diver Trainier (MSDT) Internship on Koh Tao Thailand

If you would like to take our M.S.D.T. Internship at Davy Jones Locker but have already taken a number of specialities, or if you would just like to gain experience as a diving instructor without taking any specialities, we can offer the option of a stand alone M.S.D.T. Internship. This M.S.D.T. Internship gives new diving instructors the opportunity to teach under the supervision of one of our experienced instructors & obtain the 25 certifications required in order to apply for speciality ratings. Diving instructors are able to take specialities upon completion of the I.D.C. but will not be eligible to apply for a speciality rating until the have completed 25 certifications

The cost of the stand alone M.S.D.T. internship is 15,000 baht.

If you would like to take an individual speciality at Davy Jones Locker the cost is 4000 baht.

Alternatively we can provide the M.S.D.T. Internship package with 5 specialities included at a cost of 23,000 baht, this is an add on to the standard I.D.C.