Divemaster Scuba Internship Frequently Asked Questions

PADI Specialties available on Koh Tao with Davy Jones Locker Diving
The Davy Jones Locker Specialities allow divers to fully enhance their diving skills and knowledge within specific areas of the sport. If you’ve always enjoyed photography then we can teach you the finer points of using an underwater strobe and how to overcome the difficulties associated; if you fancy going deep then we’ll teach you how to safely dive deeper. As well as perfecting your dive skills, the specialties you gain can count towards other qualifications such as Advanced Open Water, if not yet reached, or Master Scuba Diver, the highest recognition attainable as a recreational diver.

As you can see there are PADI Specialties that will make you a better diver, some that will expand your mind a little and others that are just fun or the right thing to do if your an environmentally concious member of the population who wants to help preserve the planet for furture generations as we all should.

The specialities we offer are listed below: