Diving Koh Tao

Welcome to Davy Jones Locker’ Diving on Koh Tao

Diving in Koh Tao, an island located in the Gulf of Thailand, is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life, and diverse underwater landscapes. The island is a popular destination for both novice and experienced divers due to its numerous dive sites catering to various skill levels. Here’s a brief description of diving in Koh Tao and ten of the best diving spots in its surroundings:

  1. Chumphon Pinnacle: This pinnacle dive site features an impressive array of marine life, including barracudas, whale sharks (seasonally), and colorful reef fish. The pinnacle rises from the depths, providing exciting diving experiences.
  2. Southwest Pinnacle: Known for its dramatic underwater topography, Southwest Pinnacle offers encounters with reef sharks, stingrays, and large schools of fish. Strong currents make this site suitable for experienced divers.
  3. Sail Rock: Located between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, Sail Rock boasts abundant marine life, including large schools of fish, barracudas, and occasional whale shark sightings. Its distinctive chimney dive-through is a highlight.
  4. Shark Island: Despite its name, Shark Island is not about sharks; instead, it offers stunning coral formations, swim-throughs, and sightings of reef sharks, turtles, and colorful reef fish.

  5. White Rock: White Rock is ideal for all levels of divers, featuring shallow coral gardens teeming with marine life, including anemones, clownfish, and nudibranchs.
  6. Green Rock: This site is famous for its underwater boulders and swim-throughs, offering opportunities to spot moray eels, giant groupers, and various crustaceans.
  7. HTMS Sattakut Wreck: A former Royal Thai Navy vessel intentionally sunk for diving purposes, the HTMS Sattakut Wreck is now an artificial reef, home to schools of fish, barracudas, and other marine life.
  8. Red Rock: Located near Koh Tao’s eastern shore, Red Rock offers a thrilling underwater landscape with colorful coral formations, swim-throughs, and diverse marine life. Divers can encounter reef sharks, schools of snappers, and occasional eagle rays amidst the vibrant coral reef.
  9. Japanese Gardens: Ideal for beginners and snorkelers, Japanese Gardens is named for its colorful coral gardens resembling a Japanese garden. Expect sightings of butterflyfish, angelfish, and other reef dwellers.
  10. Twins: Situated close to Koh Nang Yuan, Twins is a popular training site with shallow coral gardens and sandy bottoms, perfect for practicing skills and enjoying relaxed dives.

These dive sites offer a diverse range of underwater experiences, making Koh Tao and its surroundings a must-visit destination for diving enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced diver, there’s something for everyone to explore beneath the surface of these pristine waters.

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